buddy for FRED PERRY “Whippet”

今回「buddy for FRED PERRY」のコラボ限定モデル「Whippet – ウィペット」を販売致します。

“buddy” will release “buddy for FRED PERRY” limited model “Whippet”.


Fred Perry web – http://www.fredperry.jp/category/BUDDY_WHIPPET/

zozo – Glass leather model / http://zozo.jp/shop/fredperry/goods/4066462/?did=

zozo – Suede leather model / http://zozo.jp/shop/fredperry/goods/4098156/?did=


Whippetの由来はスマートな体格を持ち、スプリンター能力に優れたイギリス産の犬でFred Perry らしいシャープなデザインが特徴です。

‘Whippet’ named after an English dog breed with a slim body and sprinter competence inherits Fred Perry’s sharpness in design.







・着脱のしやすさ、装着感の調節が可能でアクティブな動きに適した Derby(外羽根)タイプ







Glossy and robust glass leather and nationally rare 2mm velour suede

Non-chrome (chemically tanned with metal) leather lining

Easy in getting on/off, fit adjustable, and suitable for activeness Derby type

Heel loop with twin tipping branding

Two types of shoelaces attached; round laces in body colour and flat laces in white

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